Week 11 Assignment: Gephi Exercise

Download the dataset from the Moodle site: CorrespondenceNetworks. Unzip it. This dataset provides data on correspondence networks of the Song dynasty, separated into three periods: 960-1050, 1050-1150, and 1150-1279. Choose whichever period you are interested in, and generate a network graph in Gephi. Configurate the graph using the ForceAtlas2 layout. Size the nodes according to the betweenness centrality, and color the nodes based on their modularity class. (To do this, you will need to first make calculations using the Network Diameter and Modularity functions in the Statistics window.)

After you finish, use File > Save as… to save your file in the .gephi format. Then submit it to the online drop box on Moodle: Week 11: Gephi Exercise I This assignment is due at 5 p.m. Sunday

Under the Resources > Software Tutorials page of this website, you may find tutorials that help refresh your memory of Gephi. Be aware that these tutorials are often illustrated with earlier versions of Gephi, so some features may be called differently or located in different places in the latest version of Gephi.