Week 2 (Jan 23, 25):

Tuesday: From Chang’an to Kaifeng

Study Guide:

  • Look at the interactive version of “The Qingming Scroll,” which depicts the Northern Song capital of Kaifeng in the early twelfth century, and compare it to “Map of Tang dynasty capital Chang’an.” What makes Kaifeng different? In the context of the assigned readings, which described the scenes of Tang dynasty Chang’an and Song-dynasty Kaifeng respectively, what do you interpret these differences? In other words, what historical change between the eighth and the twelfth century do these differences reveal? Take notes on your observations and prepare to discuss these differences and their significance (i.e., the historical change they reveal) in class by referring to specific sections of the assigned readings and specific items in the Qingming scroll,

Thursday: The Medieval Economic Revolution in China

Study Guide:

  • Read von Glahn’s “Economic Transformation in the Tang-Song Transition” and take notes on the following questions. Bring your notes to class for discussion.
    • How was China’s economy transformed between 755 and 1127? And, how did the relationship between state and economy change?
    • How does von Glahn account for the above changes?