Week 15:

Tuesday Reflections on the Tang-Song Transition

Study Guide:

This week we will wrap up the course by developing your final projects and sharing our reflections on Tang-Song history and digital methods.

Today our reflections will focus on the history part. Read both Bol’s and Chen’s articles.

  • Make a list (with some brief explanations of each item) of the major transformations that took place in China between the Tang and Song dynasty based on Bol’s article.
  • Next, based on Chen’s article, write one or two paragraphs discussing the significance of the Song dynasty in the long history from the ninth to the nineteenth century.

Submit your file to the Moodle drop box before class: Week 15: Reflections on Tang-Song History. Be prepared to share your thoughts on the above questions in class.

Thursday Reflections on the Data-Driven Approach

Study Guide:

Today we will reflect on the application of digital methods to humanities scholarship. Debate on this issue has concerned not only historians but also scholars of literature and cultural studies.

  • According to these authors, what contributions does data science make to the study of history, literature, and human culture? What basic assumptions does it take? What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  • What position would you take in the debate between Marche and Selisker/Syme? Based on your hands-on experience in developing digital projects this semester, may history/literature be reduced to data?