Week 10 (Mar 21, 23):

Tuesday The “Localist Turn”

Study Guide:

Today we will accomplish two goals.

  • On the history side, we have learned from past weeks southern economic growth during the Tang-Song transition and the institution of the civil service examinations worked together to expand the scope of political participation, allowing an increasing number of men from southern coastal regions to enter civil service. Building on this knowledge, today we turn our attention to the social and political behavior of China’s ruling elite in the Tang-Song period. Read Nicholas Tackett’s “The Capital Elite Marriage Network” (everyone must read this) and one of the articles assigned to you, and consider how and why elite behavior changed from the Tang to the Southern Song.
    • Three of you should prepare a PowerPoint enriched presentation for today: Jake on Hymes, Favour on Bossler, and Hunter on Chen. Submit your PowerPoint to the Moodle dropbox before class: Drop Box for Presentation Slides: Week 10: Elite Behavior
    • In class, based on these presentations, we will discuss how Hymes, Bossler, and Chen described the behavioral patterns of the Song political elite and how each accounts for these patterns.
  • On the technical side, we will finish up our explorations with mapping. We will learn briefly how we may map routes and networks in space. ArcGIS offers a possibility, but Palladio is particularly helpful. Please go over Posner’s very useful introduction to Palladio (“Getting started with Palladio”) to get yourself familiar with the tool.

Thursday Mapping Migration and Marriage

Study Guide:

Again, today we will walk with two feet: history and the digital.

  • Read Hartwell’s and Hymes’s articles. Drawing on the works you read for Tuesday, how would you describe the social and political elite in the Song dynasty? How was it different from the Tang?
  • On the digital side, we will finish up the introduction to data mining. The most important method we will introduce today is RegEx (regular expressions). Spend 30 minutes to an hour going through this highly accessible online tutorial to RegEx: https://regexone.com/ Learn its basic syntaxes. Think how it does and what it is useful for.
  • Optional: MARKUS is a powerful online platform for marking up Chinese texts. Its user interface is in English, though. For those interested, check out a few of the Tutorial Videos for MARKUS.