Week 6 Assignment: Basic Queries in CBDB

1. Use the online querying system or Microsoft Access edition of CBDB to find the basic biographical information regarding a person named “Fan Zhongyan” (Song dynasty).

  • Where did Fan hail from? Where did he live later on in his life?
  • How and at what age did he enter government service?

Report your answers to the above questions in an MS Word document.

2. Open the Microsoft Access edition of the China Biographical Database (CBDB). Try it out by using “Query by Methods of Entry into Government” to make a query. Set the querying parameters any way you desire. Use “Save to GIS” to save your results (this will save your results as a .tab file). Describe briefly what you have queried in the MS Word document.

N.B. Chapter 3, Section A in The CBDB User’s Guide provides detailed instructions that help you complete this assignment. The Appendix in the User’s Guide also gives instructions on how to install the database properly (i.e., how to manage linked tables).

After you finish both assignments, you will have a Word document and a .tab files. Compress them into one zipped file. Submit it the drop box on Moodle.