Final Project / Paper

Your final project is a refinement of your midterm or final project, or an organic synthesis of both, or a brand-new project of your own choice, in the form of a fully-developed piece of digital humanities scholarship. The project may take a variety of forms. It may be a short paper (7 to 10 pages double-spaced) which leverages digital tools to develop an original argument, or it may be a public history project, such as a poster, a thoughtful web-based essay, or an online gallery.

The specific topic will greatly depend on your own scholarly interests. You are strongly encouraged to develop a project on Tang-Song history, because the readings and discussion in this course have already prepared you for asking meaningful questions and the CBDB provides rich data on this period. That said, you may also choose any humanities/social science topic you are interested in, which may or may not have a direct relationship with China at all, as long as it uses one or more of the digital tools we have discussed in class. However, you must choose a topic you are familiar with in order to ask meaningful questions and have the knowledge to interpret the maps / graphs you generate.

Due Date: 5 p.m., Thursday, May 4. Submit your final paper to Final Paper and all your supporting data files to Final Project: Supporting Files. If you plan to create a final project instead of writing a DH-enriched paper, please let me know and we can make necessary arrangements. For example, if you would like to create a rich blog post, please let me know and I can give you editorial access to my students’ final project showcase site.